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  Observed Normal
Precipitation (mm)  
Accumulated Precipitation (mm)
Temperature (°C)
Minimum Temperature (°C)
Maximum Temperature (°C)
Relative Humidity at 2m (%)  
Wind Speed at 2m (km/h)  
Wind Direction at 2m (deg)  
Wind Speed at 10m (km/h)  
Wind Direction at 10m (deg)  
Corn Heat Units
Potato Heat Units
Growing Degree Days (5°C)
Reference Evapotranspiration (mm)  
Frost Probability 0°C (%)  
Precip. (mm)
Precip. Accumulated (mm)
Precip. 6-hrly (mm)
Precip. 6-hrly Accumulated (mm)
Inst. Ave. Max. Min. Total
Air Temp. at 2m (°C)
Relative Humidity at 2m (%)
Solar Rad. at 2m (W/m2)
Snow Depth (cm)
5-cm 20-cm 50-cm 100-cm
Soil Moisture (%)
Soil Temperature (°C)
Wind at 2m
Wind at 10m
Dew Point Temp. at 2m (°C)
Wind Chill Index (°C)
Estimated Solar Radiation (MJ/m2)

Growing Degree Days (0°C)
Growing Degree Days (2°C)
Growing Degree Days (5°C)
Growing Degree Days (10°C)
Corn Heat Units (germinate on start date)
Corn Heat Units (detect germination)
Potato Heat Units (Potato Days)

Fusarium Disease Severity Value (June 1-Aug 15)

ET. STD-grass
Morton's Shallow Lake Evaporation (mm)
Morton's Potential Lake Evaporation (mm)
Morton's Areal Evapotranspiration (mm)
Morton's Potential Evapotranspiration (mm)

Alfalfa Weevil Bertha Armyworm Wheat Midge
Insect Pest
Fire Weather Index
ET. Priestley-Taylor ET. Hargreaves and Semani
Normals are estimated using interpolated station data.
Precipitation Ave. (mm)
Precipitation 5-Day Normal (mm)
Precipitation 7-Day Normal (mm)

Air Temperature: Ave. (°C)
Air Temperature: Ave. of Max. (°C)
Air Temperature: Highest Max. (°C)
Air Temperature: Ave. of Min. (°C)
Air Temperature: Lowest Min. (°C)

Growing Degree Days (base 0°C)
Growing Degree Days (base 2°C)
Growing Degree Days (base 5°C)
Corn Heat Units
Potato Heat Units

Frost Probability 0°C (%)
Frost Probability -1°C (%)
Frost Probability -2°C (%)
Frost Probability -3°C (%)
Frost Probability -4°C (%)
Frost Probability -5°C (%)
Almanac values are estimated using interpolated station data.
Available for years from 1961 to 2019.
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Growing Season Precip. (mm) [Apr. 1 - Sept. 30]
Growing Season Corn Heat Units
Northern Growing Season GDD 5°C [May 1 - Sept. 15]
Southern Growing Season GDD 5°C [Apr. 15 - Aug. 31]

Frost-free Days 0°C (%)
Frost-free Days -1°C (%)
Frost-free Days -2°C (%)
Frost-free Days -5°C (%)
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