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2007-2008 Canadian Grass and Legume Seed Exports
AgriProfit$ Benchmark Analysis
AgriProfit$ Crop Economics
AgriProfit$ Cropping Alternatives
AgriProfit$: Economic Information for Alberta Crop Producers
Alberta Certified Seed and Farmer Saved Seed
Alberta Hemp Cost of Production and Market Assessment - Final Report
Alternative Prairie Orchard Model Comparisons
Canadian Grass and Legume Seed Data: 2012 Inspected Acres
Canadian Grass and Legume Seed Data: 2013 Inspected Acres
Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Profitability - Final Report
Commercial Greenhouse Vegetable Production
Commercial Microgreens: Business Concept and Financial Analysis
Cost and Returns Budget for Certified Timothy Seed Production Underseeded to Barley
Cost and Returns Budget for Creeping Red Fescue - Underseeded to Canola
Cost and Returns Budget for Irrigated Perennial Ryegrass - Underseeded to Durum Wheat
Cost and Returns Budget for Straight Seeded Certified Timothy
Cost and Returns Budget for Straight Seeded Creeping Red Fescue
Crop Budget Calculator
EU Grass and Legume Seed Data: Update to 2012
Economic Cost of Clubroot
Economic Thresholds for Insects Attacking Oilseeds
Economics of Saskatoon Berry Production - A Ten Acre Enterprise
Economics of Sugar Beet Production in Alberta
Estimating Forage Yields on Salvaged Grain Crops
Final Report on Investment, Cost of Production and Productivity of Medium & Large Grain Operations in Alberta
Fusarium: Farm-Level and Regional Economic Impact of Fusarium in Alberta
Grain Storage as a Marketing Strategy
Grazing Aftermath Straw & Chaff - Seller's Perspective
Hemp Production Costs and Returns 2015
Salvaging Cereal Crops - When to Cut
Setting Up a Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Operation
Strawberry Profit$...Profit Planning Tools for an Alberta Strawberry Enterprise
Study of Investment Levels and Costs of Production of Irrigated Specialty Crops in Alberta for the 2009 Crop Year
Study of Investment Levels and Costs of Production on Large Dryland Farms in Alberta for the 2009 Crop Year
The Economics of Production and Marketing of Greenhouse Crops in Alberta
The Economics of Sugar Beet Production in Alberta 2011
Tree Nursery Profits...Profit Planning Tools for an Alberta Coniferous & Deciduous Tree Nursery Enterprise

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"Swath Grazing: Interesting Concept But Does It Pay?"
A Review of the Competitive Position of Alberta's Primary Beef Production Sector
AgriProfit$ 2013-2017 Economic, Production and Financial Performance of Alberta Cow/Calf Operations
AgriProfit$ Beef Economics
AgriProfit$ Benchmark Information for Alberta Cattlemen
AgriProfit$ Business Analysis & Research Program
Applied Beef Production "Economics"
Beef Cow/Calf Operation Reduction Strategies
Cattle Feeding: Limiting Intake and Adding Corn Grain
Checklist for Flock Managers Dealing with Dry Conditions
Cost of Production Raising Profitable Sheep
Drylot Backgrounding of Feeder Cattle
Economic, Productive & Financial Benchmarks for Alberta Cow/Calf Operations
Economics and Marketing: Breakeven Analysis for Feeder Cattle
Economics and Marketing: Farm Gate Values for Farm-Raised vs Purchased Calves
Economics and Marketing: Understanding Dressing Percentage of Slaughter Cattle
Economics and Marketing: Understanding and Using Basis Levels in Cattle Markets
Economics of Beekeeping in Alberta
Economics of Beekeeping in Alberta 2016
Economics of Change for Beef Operations
Economics of Milk Production (Dairy Cost Study)
Evaluating Beef Herd Electronic Information Systems
Evaluation of Business Risk Management Strategies for Hog Production in Alberta (2008-2012)
Exploring Economic Advantages and Disadvantages of Finishing Hogs in Alberta
Feeding Your Flock - Have a Back-Up Plan
General Economics & Business Management Information
Grazing Aftermath Straw & Chaff - Buyer's Perspective
Industry Economics and Competitiveness
Insights into Managing Winter Feed Costs in Alberta Cow/Calf Operations
Is There an Optimum Weight After Farrowing for Gilts?
Limit Fed Energy Rations
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Match Forage Supplies to Livestock Needs Calculator
Opportunities for Beef Production in Northern Alberta
Precision Flock Management Flock Snapshot
Precision Flock Management: An Introduction
Raising Cows, Raising Profits - 2005 "Understand Your Options" Seminar Review
Technology that can save you money
The Importance of Precalculating Pasture Days
Three Steps to Building a Profitable Grazing System
Understanding the Cattle Market Sliding Scale
Winter Feeding Programs for Beef Cows and Calves