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Stilet, Marvin Sunnybrook   Posted: 2018-06-19 
Price:  125.00 per bale  
60 4x4x8 square bales of alfalfa/grass mixed weighing 1650 lbs. 2017 crop.
Phone:  780-940-6731    
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Chomistek, Carl Rolling hills   Posted: 2018-06-18 
Price:  $210/ton   Quantity and Type:  80 bales
4th cut alfalfa 3/4 squares covered stack
Phone:  403-362-1841 Cell:  403-362-1841  
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Boot Hay Farms Fort Macleod   Posted: 2018-06-16 
Eric  Boot
Price:  call   Quantity and Type:  500 ton alfalfa
2018 alfalfa hay is here. All 3x4x8 bales. 1,500 - 1,700 lbs. dairy quality. All stored in sheds. Call for tests results. Prices range for $240-280/ton, depending on quality. Trucking available.
Phone:  403-635-2787    
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Knopp, Dean Warburg   Posted: 2018-06-14 
Price:  $4.50   Quantity and Type:  800 second cut small square bales
Second cut Alfalfa/grass hay bales. Baled dry, no dust, under tarp. Delivery available. Call or text for more information.
Phone:  780-904-2414 Cell:  780-904-2414  
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U8 Farming Ltd Beiseker   Posted: 2018-06-14 
Certified Weed Free Hay Certificate Number:  20189917
Quantity and Type:  400 ton Alfalfa
New crop alfalfa and some Alfalfa brome grass mix hay coming off shortly will be in rounds and small squares. Certified weed free status with no herbicides used for two years. Can arrange delivery
Phone:  403-888-2007    
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McMillan, Darlene Rocky Mountain House   Posted: 2018-06-12 
Price:  $7.00   Quantity and Type:  800 small square
Alfalfa grass mix, no rain, tarped
Phone:  403-845-2641 Cell:  403-322-0164 Fax:  403-845-6913
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Nordin, Brad Camrose   Posted: 2018-06-09 
Wanting to rent out my hay land, for bales. Battle river valley natural grass hay 20-30 acres, price negotiable.
Phone:  780-691-0606    
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Rock-N-Rail Ranch Olds   Posted: 2018-05-31 
Kenton  Miller
Price:  $8  
Excellent quality Timothy Brome Orchard grass square bales for sale.
Phone:  780-623-0234    
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Toews & Bale Radway   Posted: 2018-05-24 
Warren  Toews
Price:  $8   Quantity and Type:  3000 2nd cut small squares
Timothy alfalfa orchard grass mix. No rain exceptional quality and good feed analysis. Stored in shed on rubber floor. No labour packaging and delivery available.
Phone:  780-915-0870    
[email]    www.haybales.ca 
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Lazycreek Land & Cattle Didsbury   Posted: 2018-05-23 
Terry  Luft
Price:  $7-$7.50   Quantity and Type:  2000 small squares
Some soft grassy Brome. Remainder Alfalfa/Timothy mix
Phone:  403-335-4449 Cell:  403-559-8406  
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McLaughlin, Lester Mannville   Posted: 2018-05-23 
Quantity and Type:  200 bales
200 hay bales for sale.
Phone:  780-787-0211    
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Klys Farms Carstairs   Posted: 2018-05-22 
Jim  Klys
Price:  $7.50   Quantity and Type:  Grass hay/1100 bales
Grass hay, no rain, shedded
Phone:  403-701-7551    
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Nickolson, Duane Cherhill   Posted: 2018-05-21 
Price:  60.00   Quantity and Type:  80
1200 lb. mixed grass round hay bales, no rain. Willing to trade for bred cows or cow / calf pairs.
Phone:  780-706-4524    
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Smith Champion   Posted: 2018-05-21 
Price:  offers  
16 heavy greenfeed bales 2 years old that will need special care for travel. Best maybe loaded into grain truck. Can deliver. 40 last season mixed grass/alfalfa bales.
Phone:  403-897-3829   Fax:  403-897-3829
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Quesseth Farms Red Deer County   Posted: 2018-05-16 
Aaron  Quesseth
Price:  $100   Quantity and Type:  90 3x4
Big square timothy bales. 1150 to 1200 lbs. No rain. First year timothy. Located east of Innisfail. Delivery available. Feed tests upon request.
Phone:  403-598-5365 Cell:  403-588-0244  
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Knopp, Dean Warburg   Posted: 2018-05-14 
Price:  70   Quantity and Type:  20
Alfalfa/grass round hay bales for sale. Saving it for after calving but I have enough. Cows ate it well.
Phone:  780-904-2414    
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Toane, E Benjamin Sturgeon County   Posted: 2018-05-14 
Price:  $5.00   Quantity and Type:  200
Prime square bales 50 - 65 pounds ideal for horses, baled and stored dry indoors. Mix of brome, timothy and orchard grass mainly first cut from 2017. Located in the Bon Accord area 20 minutes north of Edmonton
Phone:  780-990-4529    
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TRMC Stony Plain   Posted: 2018-05-14 
Tim  Ranson
Hay for sale, dry, stored under cover. 50/50 hay alfalfa 1st cut approx 100 bales, 5.00 each. Also have 50 meadow grass (horse hay) available. Stored inside barn 6.00 each. Stony Plain area
Phone:  780-963-1707 Cell:  780-963-1707  
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7R farms Wildwood   Posted: 2018-05-09 
Caroline  Russell
Price:  $30.00  
Big round bales, mixture hay.
Phone:  780-325-2389    
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Jfk Farms & Hay Sales & JFK Excavting Ltd Penhold   Posted: 2018-05-09 
Jon  Van Kuilenburg
Price:  $160 per ton   Quantity and Type:  68 round bales 1350lb a bale
1st cut round bales 5x6 for sale 50%grass 50% alfalfa. 2 loads available trucking is charged separately. For more information call Jon van kuilenburg 403.872.2568
Phone:  403-872-2568    
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Stilet, Marvin Sunnybrook   Posted: 2018-05-08 
Price:  160.00 per ton   Quantity and Type:  First cut alfalfa
91 square bales 4x4x8, 60 round first cut alfalfa 160.00 per ton
Phone:  780-940-6731    
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Richardson, Ron Olds   Posted: 2018-04-30 
Price:  6.50/bale  
Small square bales of grass mix for sale. Good horse hay.
Phone:  403-507-9266 Cell:  403-507-9266  
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