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Flewelling Lacombe   Posted:  2018-04-20 
Breed:  Alpine   Quantity:  2   Price:  $350
3 yr. old Purebred Alpine bucks. I have had these boys since they were 6 mos. old, and have retained a number of their does in my herd. They are very quiet, and easy to handle.
Phone:  403-505-2330
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Kidnapped Farm Rimbey   Posted:  2018-03-22 
Breed:  Toggenburg and La Mancha   Price:  $75
Bottle Kids for sale, 2-10 days old, well started on bottle, given toltrazuril for cocci/crypto control. Dams are given 8 way and selenium 4 weeks prior to kidding. If interested in registered breeding stock, please contact, there will be a selection of kids held back for breeding purposes.
Phone:  403-598-7269
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