Farm Management Applications & Tools

Alberta Farm Input Prices Monthly survey of prices of farm inputs including presentation of survey results in graphical and tabular formats over a five year period.
Corn Maze This on-line calculator is a budget for building and operating a corn maze. Refer to the Corn Maze Decision Making Tool factsheet for more information.
Farmersí Market This online calculator is a budget for choosing and operating at a farmersí market. Please read the factsheet, Farmersí Market Decision Making Tool, for information
School Tours This on-line calculator is a budget for organizing on-farm school tours. Please read the factsheet, School Tour Decision Making Tool for more information.
Solving Your Workforce Challenges Toolkit Great People = Growing Profit$. This toolkit offers recruitment and retention strategies for your business. The tools can be used independently or incorporated into your current processes.

ABA Simple Farm Ratio Analyzer The ABA Simple Farm Ratio Analyzer helps farm managers get a quick check of their farmís financial health.
Agricultural Business Analyzer The Agricultural Business Analyzer (ABA) is a financial analysis tool designed to aid users to do review up to 5 years of historical financial data and prepare and analyze a financial plan for the upcoming year.
Cash Flow Analyzer The Cash Flow Analyzer is a one page Cash Flow Budgeting tool. It is a tool to project future flows of Cash into, and out of, a business operation.
CowProfit$ CowProfit$ is designed as a starting point for producers to develop and use their own basic cost and returns profiles with the main emphasis on cow herd.
FIR$T Computer Software The Feedlot Investment Risk Simulation Tool (FIR$T) helps feedlot operators and potential investors analyze the risks and returns associated with cattle feeding.
Rancherís Return Lite Rancherís Return Lite helps managers to evaluate cow-calf and backgrounding enterprise profitability by calculating production costs, breakeven selling prices, gross margins, and returns to equity. It is available for free download from this web page.
Rancher's Risk and Return Rancher's Risk and Return is an excel spreadsheet template that calculates costs and expected financial returns for individual cattle enterprises including cow-calf, finishing, backgrounding or backgrounding with grazing.
Wealthy Rancher Calculator The Wealthy Rancher Calculator will assist you, using profit centres as the foundation, in gaining financial control of your pasture/yearling/cow-calf business.